Gold plated semi-precious stone jewelry will strike the eye with its modern forms and colourful accents. Subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Taking the best of the classics enhanced by the latest trends. Colour Dopamine is a collection dedicated to glamour lovers who value good jewellery designs and are looking for accessories in line with fashion trends. Jewellery pieces signed by GIORRE are a visualization of the female sense of aesthetics, a versatile accessory that emphasizes everyday outfits and female beauty. The colour scheme, which prevails in the new collection will perfectly suit the summer look, and in later colder seasons will highlight the noble fabrics of warm sweaters. Jewelry with natural stones is a tribute to the trend that aims to bring nature closer to us in our daily lives. The stones set in rings, necklaces, and earrings have specific properties. They please the eye with the natural glow of mild colours and sublime patterns. Elegant jewelry will enrich your stylizations and allow you to diversify your image every day. Turn heads with Colour Dopamine! These are accessories that will boost your confidence and will not let you forget about them.


In this collection, nature appears to be a great source of inspiration. Geometric forms refer to current trends. Straight lines, smooth surfaces, and no unnecessary ornaments. Just the nobility of the metal combined with the world of fashion. Our products include silver jewelry, gold-plated that adds a warm shade and increases its durability to external factors. We have designed distinctive rings whose style refers to the male world of signets. Hoop earrings with comfortable clasps and an artistic look, appreciative of the perfection of the circle. The pendants, thanks to a convenient clasp, can be attached to any product. A small piece of jewellery enlivening classic hoop earrings or chunky bracelets with large links. Charms have the potential to be personalized according to your ideas. For enthusiasts of maximalism, we recommend chain necklaces with a characteristic detail of GAVBARI natural stones. Expressive, intriguing, and standing out to the fore. They certainly cannot be ignored. In summer, eye-catching earrings are a must, which was not missing in the Color Dopamine collection.


Inspired by summer vibes, energetic colours, and sunlight, the collection combines both unconventional designs and the hottest trends. The geometric shapes of silver jewellery, which perfectly match the beauty of colourful natural stones make this collection special.

Colorful accents dominating our projects are a way of expressing yourself through jewelry with natural stones. Color Dopamine makes the most out of the potential of jade, onyx, chalcedony, and quartz. Together, these minerals create an alphabet of feelings and energetic emotions. Quartz is a stone of love - it enriches jewellery with positive emotions. It presents itself well in a golden setting. The green colour of jadeite increases the level of self-confidence and motivation in pursuing the set goals. It perfectly embellished rings, which is why you will find such patterns in our summer collection. Onyx is a stone that, depending on the arrangement and composition with other elements, results in bold, but also elegant combinations. Chalcedony brings you into a state of equilibrium and restores joy and a positive mood. Shades of chalcedony, like no other, fit perfectly into the summer style.


A warm shade of gold wonderfully complements semi-precious stone jewelry. Elegant jewelry from Color Dopamine arouses strong emotions and the desire to wear it on every occasion. Jewellery accessories designed by GIORRE breathe life into neutral stylizations or those that simply lack strong character. Even one ring can change your appearance. The rings from the Color Dopamine collection look great when worn layer for a look that is uniquely yours. Golden accents appealingly accentuate the neckline and sun-kissed skin. They are both practical and tasteful at the same time. They provide an aesthetic background for colour combinations of natural stones.


Form and lines are the beginning of everything. In the GIORRE jewellery design, this time we reached for the version of what is known, classic and referring to minimalism. Geometric shapes have become a base for natural stones and a way to show the warm glow of gold. Thanks to them, the jewellery in this collection is a presentation of an ascetic and at the same time fascinating form, which introduces the necessary element of harmony. Colour Dopamine leaves the space to express your femininity in the best possible way with refined accessories. A space that has no regard for age, education, or residence limits. Our jewellery pieces in every detail have a hidden female element that is just waiting to be revealed. Jewellery like no other accessory emphasizes our personality. We differ from each other, but the sense of aesthetics and the desire to stand out and bring out our uniqueness to the fore remains the same for each of us. This is a piece of jewellery with character, the frames of which are determined by the perfection of geometry. Colour Dopamine is a completely new version of the classic spiced with colour.
Charms are women's favourite trinkets. They could not be missing in our new collection of charms jewelry. We provide you with the tools and you become a jewellery maker according to what you need and what your preferences are. Colour Dopamine charms are artistic accessories made with care and with the highest jewellery craftsmanship. Earrings, bracelets, and chokers are waiting for your ideas - create unique jewellery pieces yourself. All you need to do is reach for the basic GIORRE products dedicated to charms. You can choose a colour pattern that matches, for example, your zodiac sign.

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