GAVBARI collection

Silver jewellery with natural stones

This collection was inspired by the voice of our customers and the trends we observe in the jewellery market. If you've had a taste for the classics so far, it's time to introduce some variety into your wardrobe. Here, colour definitely rules - expressive, strong, full of good, positive energy, in silver surrounded by platinum and gold settings. Silver jewellery with natural stones includes comfortable post earrings, necklaces and rings decorated with single or double eyes. Mix, match, add - create styles that are fully tailored to you. The GAVBARI collection perfectly expresses the nature of a woman. It is slightly mysterious, magnetic, with a touch of extravagance. It is jewellery dedicated to women who are aware of their assets, who are active and who want to emphasise their individuality with the help of accessories.

Quartz jewelry


The GAVBARI collection is overflowing with colour. We have chosen a palette of the most delightful colours that nature has painted. Do you love life, cherish every moment of it and see the world in bright colours? Choose jewellery with rose quartz, distinguished by its subtle hue. Its delicacy will accentuate your beauty, adding a touch of class to your capsule wardrobe so that you can leave ready for work in a matter of moments. And when you want to add a note of romance to a feminine dress, wear rose quartz earrings. For fans of juicy shades, we have prepared jewellery designs with fuchsia-coloured stones. Chalcedony will beautifully accentuate a sunny tan, for example with a necklace that sits nicely on a woman's cleavage. And its turquoise shade will enliven white linen shirts and airy dresses. Silver jewellery with green jade offers colours inspired by nature and current trends. The green tones in the jewellery designs add a touch of nobility to the jewellery. Enrich your casket with this original colour. The collection also includes a place for tiger's eye. This stone breaks the light in a unique way. Its beautiful colour blends perfectly with the gold-plated setting. Jewellery with tiger eye suits those looking for boho style accessories. It will be perfect for the autumn season. The collection could not miss a favourite of the art déco era, namely black onyx. It is a natural stone that we can confidently call noir élégant, dedicated to women who love classic elegance. GAVBARI's jewellery designs are perfect for any season.

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The colours of a woman's personality intertwined with the mysterious power of nature and the artistry of jewellery. A combination reflecting true beauty, character and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection.


Necklace with rose quartz


We used two types of cut in the designs: Rivoli, which pins the conical cut, and Rose Cut otherwise known as rosette cut. Natural stones have their own original shapes, and the chosen cutting technique serves to bring out the most beautiful in them. In each piece of our jewellery, the stone is unique and differs in colour and inclusions. Depending on the model, they are highlighted accordingly. They decorate rings, necklaces, cufflinks or earrings. How you wear them is entirely up to you. Sterling silver jewellery with natural stones looks great as a set or worn alone. The advantage of this collection is the combination of elegant minimalism with the colour and versatility of natural stones. GAVBARI is timelessness dressed in modernity, in which we bring the most important trends of the recent seasons - gold-plated jewellery, natural stones, simple designs. Silver, which we have used to make all our products, ensures that the jewellery created for you carries a certain value in addition to its aesthetic qualities. Silver products are once again returning to favour and are appreciated by lovers of jewellery. This GIORRE collection is also a nod to the extremely popular vintage style. The fashion for beauty never goes away.

Green stone earrings
Blue eyelet earrings


For women who appreciate the quality of jewellery products, we have prepared jewellery with black stone. Our collection could not lack an ultra-feminine accessory - women's onyx earrings, reflecting the spirit of simple elegance. If you match them with a ring with a distinctive dark stone, you will have a stylish set of jewellery for big outings. For brave women who are not afraid to walk boldly through life, we have prepared jewellery with chalcedony. These are unusual stones and their colour - sensual fuchsia - brings to the fore a romantic, feminine character. A sentimental note can be found in a necklace with rose quartz, and a ring with a stone of the same colour will be perfect for elegant outings. Jewellery with a tiger's eye is dedicated to women who appreciate top trends and focus on living a life free of constraints. Especially for them, we designed a silver tiger eye necklace, a symbol of positive vibrations. Happiness is equated with luxury - give it to yourself by wearing jade earrings. A natural symbol of power over yourself and control over your emotions is provided by a ring with a green stone. Look at jewellery from a completely different perspective. Discover the GAVBARI collection from GIORRE.

Blue eyelet earrings


Love is one of the feelings that accompanies us every day. When we think of jewellery, we often choose it as a gift for another person. Silver jewellery with natural stones is also a way to love yourself. We encourage you to get to know the GAVBARI collection and the power of nature hidden in it. This jewellery will become a sign of passion, aspiration and a great gift idea. Choose a stone to match a person's character, based on their symbolic message or aesthetic tastes. Jewellery with stones reflects who we are. It is unique and one of a kind. It is these qualities that make it worth buying for yourself as well as for a gift. Natural stones symbolise our mood, temperament and style. They give styling its own character. The GAVBARI collection is jewellery with a personal, symbolic and artistic message.

Black stone necklace
Jade necklace
A ring with a crystal
A ring with a colored stone
A ring with a black eyelet
Necklace with a pink stone