Jewellery inspired by nature, symbolic with an energetic message

Collection "Bali Sun" is a modern jewellery for women who consider passion an an integral part of life. This concept is close to the designer Ania Augustynowicz - Akardas, a young artist who excels in the contemporary world of design, known as Augustynka.The main theme of Ania's designs became symbols. Each one creates a jewellery with a message about activity, passion, yoga philosophy, and travel. The "Bali Sun" collection is filled with inspirations from the latest trends, perfect for creating everyday looks and expressing your own, unique style.

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A Paradise Island Ambience - Jewellery Motifs Inspired by Bali

The diverse jewellery designs reflect the designer's creativity and surprise with their originality. They showcase the richness of nature, the exoticism of Bali, and cultural symbols with specific meanings. In collaboration with the GIORRE brand, the collection features silver-plated jewellery adorned with natural stones and resin. The "Bali Sun" collection offers modern accessories for women who consciously shape their style. The projects encourage to mix and match designs from collection. Jewellery reflects passions and interests. They emphasize individual style, express personality and mood. This delicate embellishment serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care. Share your summer story with us - delve deep within and show the world what you love.

Augustynka video Play
Augustynka video Play

The "Bali Sun" collection is modern jewelry for women who consider passion an integral part of their lives. Inspired by the latest trends, it's the perfect collection for everyday styling.



Balance and Harmony - Jewellery for Yogis and Surfers

Yoga, as a practice and lifestyle, represents the pursuit of mental and physical balance. The jewellery from our collection allows you to fully express this concept by incorporating important symbols associated with the practice. Among them, you will find the balance triangle, a symbol of equilibrium, the mudra gyan, a gesture representing spiritual knowledge, and the beautiful greeting symbol namaste, illustrating respect and unity with others. Each of these unique symbols is featured in necklaces, rings, and delicate bracelets. When creating the "Bali Sun" summer collection, the designer also drew inspiration from the philosophy and lifestyle of water sports enthusiasts. The jewellery designs inspired by surfing reflect time spent on the beach and in the ocean. The collection includes surf-related motifs such as surfboard necklaces, dangling earrings with a sea wave motif, and a bracelet with a longboard.

The Kingdom of Flora and Fauna
The Kingdom of Flora and Fauna

The Kingdom of Flora and Fauna - Jewellery Inspired by Nature

The beauty of nature has long been an endless source of inspiration. Floral and animal patterns continue to be popular themes in fashion and often appear as engraved or cast details in small works of jewellery art. In the "Bali Sun" collection, you will find sentimental poppy flowers, sunflowers, butterflies, and fashionable mushroom-inspired jewellery. The mysterious world of fungi is represented in Augustynka's designs through delicate mushroom pendants on thin chains or subtle mushroom earrings. Animal motifs are also present in the collection, including a mythical Balinese tiger in the form of unique earrings, a dragon necklace, and a beautifully presented silver fish necklace.

The Kingdom of Flora and Fauna

Fascinating Symbolic Jewellery Designs

The "Bali Sun" collection also showcases the designer's fascination with cultural symbols. The third eye chakra is depicted on silver necklaces with pendants that vibrate with positive energy. Hamsa, the hand symbolizing luck, strength, and prosperity, is represented as a pendant and a delicate chain bracelet. The eye motif appears in an original ring and dangling earrings with green resin. Symbolic jewellery also includes lockets - keepsake and trendy jewellery accents. The collection features an oval locket necklace and a ring, providing a personal space adorned with an engraved eye motif. Additionally, the "Bali Sun" collection offers nature-inspired symbolic jewellery with an energetic message emanating from the celestial realm. This includes a boho necklace with the sun, stylish star-shaped earrings, and a delicate chain bracelet with the moon.

Choose your perfect summer and vacation jewellery from this extraordinary collection designed by Augustynka.


Ania Augustynowicz - Akardas, known on social media as Augustynka, fulfills herself as an artist and graphic designer. For several years, she has successfully built her personal brand, and her portfolio includes collaborations with the world's top fashion brands. Augustynka is recognized for her moving collages, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and translating them into unique projects characterized by a sense of aesthetics and distinctive style. Her favorite motifs in her creations are nature, plants, and culture. Ania loves traveling, practicing yoga and meditation, dividing her life between Warsaw and exotic Bali. The collaboration between Augustynka and the GIORRE brand has resulted in the "Bali Sun" collection - jewellery inspired by nature, symbolic with an energetic message

– Ania Augustynowicz – Akardas


The diverse jewellery designs reflect the designer's creativity and surprise with their originality. They showcase the richness of nature, the exoticism of Bali, and cultural symbols with specific meanings.

In creating the collection, the designer wanted to emphasize the unity of humans with nature. She captured what fascinates her the most in her designs. And there are many things - photography, painting, everyday life, and travel.

The artistic inspirations and passions of the author found their reflection in the jewellery designs. Each project was carefully thought out - from the concept to the final execution - so that the end product would have as much character as possible. The goal was to create a collection in which every woman, despite their diversity, would find something for themselves.

Ania devotes herself to her artistic activities with full commitment and dedication, and her greatest love is creating visual things. She continuously develops her personal brand. Right after her creative work, her greatest passion is surfing, and being in contact with nature drives her to action, which is evident in her jewellery designs. Augustynka's style combines her own vision with the guidelines of various brands. As Ania repeats, a project "starts with a word and an empty sheet of paper, and ends with a completely new story told through an image".


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