GIORRE is jewellery brand with the character. Our handmade products are made with the utmost care to emphasize the uniqueness of each woman. The patterns we offer are unique and personalized: romantic, expressive, subtle, extravagant – thanks to them each woman would find her own way to express themself and she also might create unique styles. We believe that all important moments in life should be celebrated. We wish that special memories could come back every time you put on the GIORRE jewellery. Our jewellery creates a unique story. Whenever you are wearing it, you can share your memories with your loved ones.


The name of our brand comes from the GIORRE plateau in sunny Sardinia.The great-grandfather of our current company owners, settled there at the beginning of the 20th century. He passed his love for the local culture, art and beauty to the next generations. Thanks to its Italian heritage, the GIORRE brand is synonymous of quality, elegance and innovative designs. Even today, while creating all of our new collections, we draw inspiration from Italian designers and their experience. All of that makes our products little works of art.

The name GIORRE symbolizes natural beauty, passion, courage, joy and Italian temperament. It expresses the need to live in a moment that is unique and unrepeatable. These moments decide about the new ideas and plans, and then becoiming a part of our history. Every story deserves to be expressed through the art of jewellery. For GIORRE brand, design is not only an idea – it is a constant interpretation of the surrounding world and continuous development. We believe that this is the only way in which we could respond to different customer needs – developing and changing together with them. From delicate, silver chains, through pearl chokers, to sophisticated patterns of rings and gold earrings. GIORRE jewellery are designs that combine contrasts, becoming a source of new inspiration.


Woman who is dressed in personalized, hand-finished GIORRE jewellery always feels special. She is independent, aware of her choices and knows her own worth very well. She likes to go beyond the usual patterns to emphasize her femininity and originality. GIORRE woman combines what is apparently different, deriving satisfaction from creating projects. She is a strong personality, knowing trends, looking around her for an inspiration in the world. This is the quintessence of GIORRE values.


GIORRE designers are bold and they use innovative solutions, which is the result of many years of experience. The history of the brand begins in the 1980s, when Wiesław and Maria Wójcik started working in the jewellery industry and then founded their own company, named 'Silvexcraft'. As a manufacturer of jewellery components, they achieved success very quickly and became a significant player in the jewellery industry. Their son, Mateusz Wójcik, who also shared the jewellery passion, in 2014 founded the GIORRE brand.

GIORRE is today one of the largest online jewellery stores in Poland and also in this part of Europe. GIORRE specialists care about the perfection of workmanship. They create collections from precious metals: silver Ag 925 and gold Au 585, as well as original Gavbari crystals and pearls and natural stones. Each pattern is hand-finished, what gives it a personal touch and top-class craftsmanship. Our products can be freely personalized, which distinguishes us from the competition. The designs of modular jewellery we have created, could allow you to freely combiane and create new, surprising collections.

At GIORRE we really want each collection to be more than an eye-catching design and craft show. We create it to inspire changes, arouse curiosity, set new trends, taking into account the unique needs and expectations of each costumer.

Tell your story with GIORRE collections