Listed below are the Terms and Conditions for use and apply to the use of and/or the purchase of goods from this website at 

 § 1



1. The following Terms and Condition has been prepared in accordance to the art. 8, the act of Providing Services by Electronic Means from July 18, 2002  (Dz. U. Nr 144, pos. 1204 as amended)

2. 2. The Terms and Conditions listed below are for use and apply to the use of and/or the purchase of goods from the website at (below as: GIORRE).

3. 3. The registration and the use of  services and goods provided by GIORRE by the User depends from the User's acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. Every User declares acknowledgement with its content before he or she agrees to start cooperation.


§ 2



1. GIORRE – the system of retail found at the owner of which is: Silvexcraft Mateusz Wójcik Sp. k. with it's headquoters in Orkana 5, 36-020 Tyczyn, Poland, registered in KRS by regional court in Rzeszow under 0000588340 number, having NIP number: 5170373027,  and REGON number : 363361395, which makes it entitled to make and receive orders for jeweller, jewellery findings, etc. 

2. Administrators – GIORRE owner's representatives, managing service in his name. 

3. User - every person in online sale system of GIORRE.

4. Registered User - User who sucessfuly went through registration process and is able to place an order in GIORRE internet store.

5. Login – User's id in GIORRE internet store.

6. Password – a unique code (containing both numbers and letters) created by the User of GIORRE store, made in order to verify User's identity. The password is confidential and the User is advised to keep it in secret

7. Product – a thing or the right that can be sold and included in the offer of GIORRE.

8. Order – the order placed by the registered User for the goods at GIORRE online sales system

9. Customer – a registered User who places an order at  GIORRE store.

10. Consumer – a person who takes legal activities with the entrepreneur and that legal activities are not directly related to this person trade/company or profession.

11. Cookies - small text files, given ID tags that are stored on computer's browser directory or program data sub-folders. Cookies can help a website to arrange content to match your preferred interests more quickly.  


§ 3

Rights and Obligations  

 1.  Every Internet user has  the right to use/purchase the goods/services provided in online GIORRE store on condition she or he is a registered User of online Silvexcraft store and fulfill the following ICT, minimum technical requirements:

a. - access to the Internet

b. - high Speed, broadband, Internet Browser

c. - valid email account 

2.  Orders in GIORRE store can be made in 24/7 all year round, except for the time the website is under maintenance and other technical reasons. Orders are processed only during working days.

3.  The User of online GIORRE shop is obligated to use or/and take advantage of GIORRE services/goods in accordance with current law, GIORRE's Terms and Conditions as well as rules of social conduct and morality. 

4.  The User must not: a) use online GIORRE shop for the purposes which are different than these which are connected with basic GIORRE's services and/or its company profile, b) promote other websites, online stores as well as one's company by indicating any reference to these entities on GIORRE website, c) adversely affect the way online GIORRE store works and take actions which influence other Users of onlineOZO Jewelry store, causing a damage by using computer viruses etc., d) take actions which influence other Users of online GIORRE store, cause a damage of other Users, Administrators and Third Party, e) use information and materials which are gathered on online GIORRE shop with the aim that does not correspond to the GIORRE company profile and are allowed.  

5.  The User of online GIORRE store freely provides its personal data which is needed to make the User, to be able to make orders and use services provided by GIORRE

6.  Each registered User of online GIORRE store can, at any time delete his/her own account by sending the following email: 'Please delete my account: …............ (the User's email address). The message has to be sent from the email address that is linked to the User's account on online GIORRE store which the User wants to be deleted from GIORRE database. All messages concerning a deletion of the User's account have to be sent on the following e-mail address: [email protected] 


§ 4

Information about the products 


1. GIORRE  reserves the right that due to nature of goods, the photos of products can differ slightly from their real look.

2.  The details of products, which are included in online Silvexcraft store, such as: length, width, diameters of products and their holes are only of informational character and may differ from reality up to about 5%.(five percent). 

§ 5

Prices and Tax


1. Prices of the products offered by GIORRE are gross, appropriate tax is already included. 

2. The price of goods which are ordered in GIORRE store, which make the customer obligated, is provided at the moment the customer makes the order in GIORRE store. The price of products which are ordered is increased by shipping costs of the delivery to the  address indicated by the Customer. 

3. GIORRE informs that in the case of orders placed by customers outside the customs territory of the European Union, the customer may incur additional costs related to customs duty, which means the obligation of the buyer (customer), who is the importer of the goods, to pay customs duties.



§ 6

Realization of the order


Step 1

Payment for the order - the order will be processed after the whole payment is acknowledged on the bank account of GIORRE company 

Step 2

Payment proof - GIORRE issues two types of documents after the payment enters bank account of the company: receipt - for the customers from Poland or retail invoice to the receipt  - for customers from outside Poland.

§ 7

Execution of orders and customer obligation


1.By placing an order customer comfirms maing an purchase offer for the items being subject of the order.

2.After placing an order, GIORRE sends an e-mail to the User (the information is sent to the email provided by the User during registration) with information which is the confirmation that the order has been acknowledged and received by GIORRE

3. On the Silvexcraft  website, it is clearly indicated delivery options and possible payment methods. 

4. GIORRE fulfills its informative obligations indicated in the art. 12, the act of May 30, 2014 concerning customers' rights, especially information regarding the main characteristics of services provided by GIORRE, GIORRE designations, total cost, the right of withdrawal, at the moment the Customer makes the order in GIORRE store. The information is provided on website of GIORRE store. 

5. Directly before the order is confirmed GIORRE clearly informs the Customer (providing information on the website) about the main characteristics of services provided by GIORRE, including a particular item, ways of contacting with a Customer, total cost of goods which are order together with tax, delivery cost.

6. GIORRE ensures that when the Customer makes an order, he or she clearly confirms that is aware that by making an order he or she is obligated to execute the payment, which takes place when a customer clicks the button: 'I confirm my order'

7. If GIORRE is unable to fulfill the service in this area, because of unavailability of the given items, GIORRE informs the Customer about it by sending an e-mail on the e-mail address provided by the Customer during making the order or by phone. GIORRE immediately refunds money which were transferred,  not later than 14 days from the date of making the order, if the customer paid for the order in advance. 


§ 8

Shipping terms


1.  Standard shipping procedure involves one shipment of all products from the Customer's order.  

2. The system of GIORRE store automatically counts shipment cost, providing its cost  next to the value of products.

3.  GIORRE reserves the right to recalculate the cost of shipment in case of non-standard orders on the basis of the price-list of a courier company (because of the parcel weight, size, etc.). In this case, the Customer will be informed about it by email or by phone in order to receive the Customer's agreement regarding the change of shipment cost. 

4. After GIORRE sends the goods purchased by the Customer, the Customer  will receive e-mail message with information concerning the Customer's order, delivery address, the payment method, prices, contact information for GIORRE Customer Service Department.

5. Production time, considering as a first day the next day after receiving the full payment on the company account and as a last day the day that shipping company receives the shipment:- from 1 to 3 business days in case of orders with standard products, - additionally from 1 to 5 business days in case of orders for personalized products, - mixed orders ( personalized and standard products ) they are treated as special orders.

6. Shipping time a)  Shipped by UPS™: from 1 to 8 business days; b) GLOBAL EXPRESS shippng: from 2 to 10 business days.


§ 9

Payment - PayU


1. Customer has a possibilyty to make a payment for his purchase trough PayPal system. 


§ 10

In store purchase


1. We would like to inform you that there is a possibility of arriving at GIORRE company and purchasing jewelry personally in the head office of the company. It is enough to inform us about the planned arrival by telephone and arrange the shopping the day before.

2. Before visiting our company, please contact our Sale Department. The minimal purchase during personal shopping – 1000.00 PLN (net).

3. Contact person: Mr. Kamil Sebzda +48 178555884 ext. 27

4. At our company store, we offer wide selection of chains, earrings, pendants, rings and jewellery sets. In store purchases are possible only for buying fine jewellery. All other items have to be ordered on GIORRE online store. 


§ 11

Right to Withdrawal - Consumer


1. The Customer, who is the Consumer, can return goods purchased at Silvexcraft by submitting the declaration of withdrawal accordingly with art. 2 of act from 02/03/2000 about protection of consumer and responsibility for the damage caused by dangerous product. Returns must be made within 30 days from the date of receiving goods and there is no need to provide the reason of the return and covering the cost. In case of using the right of withdrawal, the order is not valid.

2. In order to benefit from the right of withdrawal, the Customer, who is the Consumer, has to complete and provide the statement of the withdrawal attachment 1

3. In the event of returning goods, according to this article, goods must be returned in state that they were received to GIORRE to this address: Silvexcraft Mateusz Wójcik Sp. k. Orkana 5, 36-020 Tyczyn

4. In case of issues indicated in the art. 38, the act of May 30, 2014, concerning consumer's rights i.e. when the product bought by the consumer is produced according to the consumer's requirements or is modified according to the consumer's need; the consumer is not entitled to the right of withdrawal. 

5. GIORRE issues refund for the payment that has been done by the customer within 14 days from the date of receiving the statement of the customer's withdrawal.

6. The customer who benefits from the right of withdrawal  covers only direct costs concerning the return of goods. 

7.  GIORRE may postpone the return of money until receiving the goods which were sent back by the Consumer or receiving the proof of sending them back. (depending on which of these two   cases happens first).

8. On the basis of the document which confirms placing the order in GIORRE store, GIORRE makes return.

9. The Consumer takes responsibility for decreased value of ordered goods, if the goods were used in inappropriate way.


§ 12



1. GIORRE takes responsibility for the defects in goods, on the basis of warranty as stated in the Civil Code.

2. Complaints of goods ordered in GIORRE store should be sent on the following e-mail address: [email protected]

3.  Complaints may be made with complaint form available  the website of Silvexcraft store: Complaint Form

4. GIORRE will respond to the consument's complaint within 14 days, starting from the day of receiving the statement of the right of withdrawal, and informs the consument about further procedures.

5. If goods which were ordered have a defect, the Consument has the right to issue the statement of decreasing the price or the right of withdrawal, on the condition GIORRE immediately and without much inconvenience for the Customer provides goods without defects or eliminates defects in goods which were ordered. It might be not relevant if these goods were exchanged or repaired  by GIORRE in the past. GIORRE did not manage to exchange goods with defects or repair these defects. The decreased price should be proportional and should resemble the balance between a balanced value of the products ordered. The Customer cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal of the defect is not significant. 

6.  Instead of accepting the possibility of eliminating the defect, the consumer may demand exchanging the product with defects  for the product without defects or instead of exchanging  the product with defects, may demands eliminating the defects. The exception takes place if it is impossible to fulfill the Consumer decision in the way the Consumer wants, or it will be connected with too high cost, in comparison to the way suggested by GIORRE. 

7. If the product has the defect, the Consumer may demands exchanging faulty item to a goods one or elimination of the defect.GIORRE has to right to not agree on the Consumer's complaint, if it is impossible to provide the Consumer with the product without defects in a way the Consumer  demands or  associated cost will be to high. GIORRE takes responsibility concerning the warranty for two years time.

8. The Consumer  who benefits from is the right of withdrawal is obligated to return goods with defect at the address of GIORRE company. If the goods with defects are repaired or exchanged, GIORRE immediately makes refund of costs covered by the Consumer , including delivery costs, at latest within 14 days, starting from the date of accepting the complain by GIORRE

9. If the Consumer  provides the statement of the right of withdrawal, or the statement of decreasing the price of goods with defects, GIORRE makes refund immediately, at latest within 14 days, starting from the date of accepting the complaint by GIORRE

10. The refund is made in the same way as the method the Customer chose to make the payment for the order in GIORRE store (it means for the same account number that the Customer used while making the payment for the order or the account or debit card with which the Customer made the payment for the order).If the Customer pay for the order while picking up the order by cash, the Customer has the right to indicate the bank account number on which she or he wants to receive refund. The Customer informs GIORRE about the account number for sending refund by using Contact Section on the website of GIORRE store, which is free from any additional costs for the Customer. 

11. Any complaints connected with making a wrong transaction or making a transaction in an  incorrect way should be directed to the financial institution that the Customer used while making the payment - in accordance with the act of August 19, 2011, which concerns financial services (Dz. U. Nr 199, pos.1175 with amendments), and the act of September 12, 2002, concerning electronic means of payment ( (Dz. U. Nr 169, pos.1385 with amendments).

12. Complaints concerning the services which are provided by GIORRE via Internet (especially these connected with technical issues and the functionality of website) might be made via e-mail { e-mail address: [email protected]) along with detailed description of a technical problem. 

13. In accordance with the art. 556  C.C. - 576 C.C., concerning the warranty connected with physical and legal defects of goods, GIORRE does not accept the complaint from the Customer who is not the Consumer. The basis for accepting the complaint will be GIORRE's Terms and Conditions and the proof of buying goods in GIORRE store. 

14. Complaints will be considered basing on a document proving it's purchase from GIORRE. 


 § 13

Protection of personal data 


1.  Personal data shared by a user to GIORRE system are processed by GIORRE.

2. Any personal data, especially name, surname, e-mail address, phone number,  address/company address will be processed: a) to create account and make, and process orders, b) to contact customer via email about order processing and important changes in GIORRE offer.

3.  Personal data shared by a user during the registration will be collected, processed and used only by GIORRE according to Polish law, especially Protection of personal data act from 29 August 1997 ( Dz. Ust. Nr 133 pos. 883).

4. Registered users of  GIORRE have access to viewing and editing their personal data, as well athey have right to ask  GIORRE, to stop using them.

5. Personal data can be shared with authorized personnel, according to the power of current provisions of the law.


§ 14



If any provision of Terms and Condition would be declared by Court of Law as invalid, others will remain in affect. 


§ 15



1. GIORRE declares that the ingredients of findings in the offer of GIORRE (produced and imported by GIORRE) are provided at the website in the description of these findings. 

  1. GIORRE declares that SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals are purchased directly from Swarovski company with its seat in Triesen, Lichtenstein.

§ 16

Applicable law


The applicable law in case of the agreement between the Customer and GIORRE, concerning goods and services provided by GIORRE on the basis of the following Terms and Conditions, is Polish law. By accepting the following Terms and Conditions, the Parties choose Polish law, as the applicable law.


§ 17 

Final Clauses


1. GIORRE using IP addresses collected during the Internet connection for technical purposes, related with server administration.

2. GIORRE is using cookies files to store information on the Users computer. Information collected by cookies allow to customize services and information for individual needs and preferences of the user. Disabling cookies in web browser, user will still be able to use GIORRE website, yet it might create some difficulties.

3. Cookie files does not include any information which were used by the user, it only helps using GIORRE web store.

4. The following Terms and Conditions is valid from 25.12.2014  and might be changed by GIORRE due to some important reasons: a). the decision of the court/a state authority which results in a need to change the Terms and Conditions, b). the change of law, concerning the activity hold by GIORRE, c). important change in the market connected with the activity hold by GIORRE, d). improving the security, better functionality and the level of protection of personal data by GIORRE, e). improving or enhancing GIORRE store.

5. GIORRE reserves the right to introduce changes in the following Terms and Conditions. Any changes apply after 14 days from a day when GIORRE web store users are notified via email about planned changes. Changes cannot be applied to the services already made.

6. Any disputes between GIORRE and registered user, regarding services provided by GIORRE, which cannot be prevented during warranty process, will be resolved by a Court of Law, suitable to location of GIORRE headquarters.

7. To any matter not included in this Term and Conditions apply regulations of civil code and other general effective acts.