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    Xenia x GIORRE

    Xenia Belskaya - a model and true visionary of Slavic blood, an artist designing brave creations, balanced by the gentleness of her personality, with aesthetics embedded in the futuristic realities of the world. A woman with a strong and hypnotic image and, at the same time, with a delicate and beautiful mind, fully aware of her femininity and charisma. For years the most leading designers and photographs in the fashion world have appreciated her remarkable beauty. A co-creator of photo sessions and styling that far exceed the classic aesthetic standards. A woman who combines the nonliteral nature of Far Eastern spirituality with Western austerity of materialism, which was exhibited in the XENIA X GIORRE collection.

    XENIA X GIORRE is the interfusion of many cultures that share women's longing for the universal beauty, regardless of skin color, age and identity
    – Xenia Belskaya

    XENIA X GIORRE collection - classic jewellery in the vein of modernity

    The new jewellery collection XENIA X GIORRE exhibits the silence of the emptiness in the scream of form, which has been captured in a modern, industrial setting. These artistic designs are blends of subtle personality of Xenia Belskaya with the raw form of precious metals. It is a collection that proves that the real beauty has no limits. It is multidimensional, without regard for age, identity or skin color. Xenia Belskaya wants to share her powerful message, embedded in each of the elements of the designed jewellery with others. The women for whom this collection is dedicated are individualists with different characters and expectations, active, strong personalities, realizing their potential on many levels. They are distinguished by the courage that allows them to overcome every barriers to find the meaning. Their common goal is to discover a universal aesthetic that is deeply rooted in them and which they can openly manifest. The tool of this manifesto is jewellery in bold yet subtle forms. The collection by Xenia Belskaya merges an iconographic style of minimalism with elegance. Combination of inspiration coming from nature and the fascinating world of modern metropolises gives this collection a unique charm. Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets from the XENIA X GIORRE collection are not just accessories. They are talismans that carry a message, power and a range of emotions.

    The presented collection is to give women strength to face the challenges and the opportunity to surprise themselves and others with their new image. Beauty is hidden in each of them. Sometimes they need an incentive to rediscover them. Women value modern design and wish to emphasize their individual style that consists of their image and the way of being. Each pattern in this collection is unique and has been carefully thought out to accentuate the beauty inherent in every woman. There is no place for chance in this collection. It has the power to challenge the way we think about our beauty, clothes and ourselves. Jewellery is what completes us. Designs from the XENIA X GIORRE collection allows of finding these missing elements of personality so that every woman feels fulfilled. With the XENIA X GIORRE collection you will take over your world.