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Showing 1 - 20 of 180 items

The globe necklace – take the challenge and rediscover yourself

Active women are not afraid to take up challenges and set the bar high. They love to travel, conquer the unknown and reinvent themselves. Piece of traveller's jewellery is an indispensable charm for a brave globetrotter and an elegant woman.

The globe necklace is therefore a perfect gift for someone who is preparing to make a change, to go on a long journey or take a step towards new life ventures. The challenge facing her or him does not always have to be a lasting change in life. Sometimes it is related to symbolic internal decisions that we mature for a long time and that change our lives forever. Let silver and gold – 18K gold-plated, women's necklace accompany your loved ones in such process.

What symbolizes the globe from this collection?

The circle on which the earth necklace is described is a perfect figure. Symbolizes fullness and excellence. There is no end or beginning – it is eternity. The Earth symbolizes wisdom, rebirth, abundance and even immortality. World map necklace is a promise of fulfilling dreams and serves as support in overcoming your challenges. By giving someone such an unusual gift, you pass to them the wish of prosperity and wealth, you stimulate their creativity, you give them courage and confidence.

What's more, the delicate earth necklace is a symbol of curiosity about the world, pugnacity and internal strength. Having it close to you, you receive an extraordinary power that will not let you stop and will encourage you to overcome the impossible. Its uniqueness includes not only the beautiful pattern of the globe, precise workmanship and high-quality ore, but above all the extraordinary symbolism of crystal placed where Poland is located on the world map. Such an accessory is a combination of beauty, strength and elegance.

How to wear the earth necklace?

The Globe necklace looks beautiful on the neckline, close to the heart. Both with an everyday sporty outfit, as well as at official galas or occasional meetings. Each woman has her own style and wants to remain herself in all circumstances. Jewellery only emphasizes the character of the outfit and its owner. A long gold-plated or silver earth necklace is therefore the perfect complement to the rest, and at the same time a message about owner's rich personality. It means one is not afraid of what is new and is happy to experience the unknown, crossing their own limits with excitement.

Globe bracelet – jewellery for special tasks

Your hands are in constant motion, you make thousands of gestures with them, they participate in your dynamic activities and emotional discussions, sometimes even make it possible to deal with infinite issues at the same time. Globe bracelet is an indispensable accessory for every woman as it will remind you at any time that the world is in your hands. We believe that you are able to change it according to your ideas. We are convinced that you can do it in a way consistent with your internal beliefs, needs and desires.

Symbolism of the globe bracelet

The earth bracelet worn on your wrist will do you a favour by letting your inner strength grow with each passing day. For centuries, witches, shamans and wizards adorned their wrists with bracelets presenting circular motifs. Already ancient tribes believed that the circle is related to infinity, balance and protection against adversity of others. What used to be symbolized by evil forces, today is called bad karma or bad luck. A gold bracelet with the globe, gold-plated with 24K gold, serves as your charm protecting you from negativity. Don't let anything stop you on your path to fulfilment, joy and harmony. Find happiness in the search for your true self. You will see this effort pays off.

How to wear a earth bracelet?

Our design is elegant and universal at the same time. Its uniqueness is based on the subtleties of expression combined with rich symbolism. The words that come out of our mouth are only a few percent of our message. What you are and how you are perceived by the outside world consists of what you do, how you do it, what vibe comes from you and, most importantly, what feelings you cause to others. Both gold – 18K gold-plated, and silver globe bracelet from this collection are a non-verbal message to your loved ones that you are an authentic, brave individual and that you believe in the uniqueness of each person. The rest of your outfit is only a complement to this original accessory. Don't be afraid to display beautiful jewellery. Wear it with elegant dresses and every day outfits. Actually, don't take it off at all.

Unlike the globe necklace and earrings, the bracelet's globe does not have an elegant crystal placed in the place of Poland. This is a deliberate procedure aimed at maintaining the elegance of the design. Sometimes less is more because, as the world-famous designer Coco Chanel claimed: it's always better to be dressed a little too little than a little too much. The same concerns jewellery and accessories. We want customers to trust the brand regarding style and sense of trends. We want you to always feel beautiful, even if a delicate globe bracelet is everything you are wearing.

Earth earrings – a symbol of authenticity and adventure

This collection is a brand for women who are brave and aware of their potential and beauty. We don't aim to change the DNA of your style. We don't want to dress you up as someone you are not. We oppose repetition in every matter and do not urge anyone to imitate someone else. Therefore the globe earrings we created are primarily a symbol of authenticity, but also adventure, as well as they are a charm for every traveler and a sign for your surroundings that you will overcome every obstacle. Wearing dangling earrings or studs, you don't flaunt your strength. On the contrary, with due subtlety and a degree of mystery, you show that your power is something completely natural, it is in you. Silver globe earrings have nothing to do with an obvious demonstration of strength. It is a symbol of beauty, elegance, harmony and infinite feminine strength. Thanks to them you will take up any challenge and cross any limit.

An elegant crystal located in the place of Poland

Rhodium-plated or gold earrings – 18K gold plated, from the collection have elegant crystals placed in the place of Poland. Thanks to these inconspicuous diamond-like beautiful stones, the glow of your eyes will be reflected even more clearly and will not go unnoticed for those you want to enchant most. The eyes, which are the window of the soul, send the strongest signals to the environment. One look, one movement of them can change the dynamics of conversation, meeting, flirt. Hanging earrings with the globe combined with elegant crystals are a recipe for beauty, which will be difficult to pass by indifferently.

Circular earth earrings will emphasize your beauty

Long silver and gold earrings, covered with 18K gold, beautifully emphasize the face oval. They fit both teenagers and women who have already understood their style and have found themselves in it for a few years now. Thanks to their shapely form, they add charm and elegance to owners of any type of beauty. Regardless of whether you prefer subtle jewellery or more expressive accessories, globe earrings will perfectly match the rest of the outfit. They are noticeable but not intrusive. Their uniqueness is reflected in the splendor of your eyes.

Do you want to make sure that others can't take their eyes off your aura? Circular earth earrings are an intriguing element of your jewellery. They will emphasize your beauty and grace, all in a brave, bold and even audacious style. Do you want to send a message about more than your beauty? Globe earrings with an English clasp or studs are a signal that there is much more behind a pretty face and a well-groomed hair: internal beauty, extraordinary personality and an irresistible desire for action. Let the world know that you are active, ready for challenges that the universe prepares for you and determined to achieve your goals. The big ones and everyday ones.

Stud globe earrings – challenge and answer in one

You wake up in the morning, in a hurry put on tight jeans, t-shirt, jacket and... your favourite gold accessories! Subtle earth earrings are one of them. They complement your look, but do not distract attention from the rest of the consistent casual or sporty styling. Which of us does not like to be elegant while feeling comfortable? We all run somewhere, we don't have time to look for unnecessary decorations that take not only time but also convenience. It's hard to disagree with the always delightful Coco Chanel, who argued that if something isn't comfortable, it's not luxurious. Silver globe earrings are a phenomenal combination of comfort and aesthetics that you will love from the first moment.

An active woman remains practical in every situation. Even the special occasions on which you put on cocktail dresses and the most beautiful high heels crave subtle accessories. Refined make-up, original hairstyle and your radiant smile are the first violin. Jewellery stays in the background. This does not mean, however, that you must give it up completely. Just put on delicate silver or gold-plated globe earrings.

How to wear stud earth earrings?

Stud earrings beautifully present the map of the earth – without additional decorations in the form of precious stones, instead they focus attention on the unique and refined form of earrings. You can freely combine them with your favourite necklaces, rings, bracelets and hair accessories. Subtle globe earrings will not vanish into the background, but they will also not be in sharp contrast to any element of a different form or finish. Don't be afraid to compose them with other earrings if you like to wear more than one pair at a time. Freely combine them with accessories with varied messages and play with them – in different combinations let them symbolize important memories, ambitions or your character. Treat them like your charms, which are necessary to face everyday tasks. In fact, it is best not to take them off at all. You can play sports in them, travel, participate in professional meetings, reach for what seems unattainable. Let gold-plated and silver globe earrings from this collection be an integral part of your everyday outfit. Put them on and you will definitely appreciate their beauty and practicality. In them, no challenge will be too difficult, and you will spread your wings fully.