131,11 $

Necklace with big letter A, sterling silver 925

131,11 $


Letters & digits


Technical data





Metal: Sterling silver (nickel free)


  • height: ~2,4 cm
  • width: ~1,8 cm
  • thickness: 0,80 mm

Chain length: 45 + 5 cm

Name is your identity. Although its choice does not depend on you, its overtone defines you forever. Countless books listing names indicate their origin, meaning, and often also the characteristics attributed to their owners. You, however, don't let others pigeonhole you.

Your name is your calling card. However, who you want to be, you determine yourself. Don’t rely on descriptions of your character, which are supposed to be consistent with it. Your personality depends on many conditions, but ultimately you decide who you are. Although some names are attributed more to features like scrappiness, it does not mean that at all cost you have to prove that it suits your personality and show unlike courage. Instead, let your silver Letter necklace inspire you to take up challenges and go beyond what is familiar to you. Names have different associations, but you decide what kind of person you are. Together with T°ra'vel'', take the challenge of being yourself.

We are aware that by choosing the jewellery that has captivated you, you would wish to preserve its beauty forever. Therefore, our priority at GIORRE is to provide the highest quality products that will be your every day accessories.

GIORRE jewellery is created on own designs, inspired and based on Polish tradition and jewellery art, made of the highest-quality precious metals used in jewelry business: silver 925 and 585 gold, accompanied or decorated with pearls and crystals, confirmed by a certificate of authenticity - because jewelries that express your feelings and commemorate unique moments, deserve a special warranty.

Safe and fast payments:

GIORRE serves PayU and Paypal electronic payments, as well as standard bank transfers and cash on delivery.

Supported methods of payments:

  • Electronic payment by PayU
  • Electronic payment Paypal
  • Payment by traditional bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery - ONLY in POLAND

Safe and fast shipments:

GIORRE shipments GIORRE are sent via UPS or DHL courier, thanks to witch you have the guarantee of fast and safe delivery.

We offer free shiping for each order with a value of min.: 57 $.

Offered shipping options:

  • Personal collection (after payment in advcance) - ONLY in POLAND
  • Personal collection (cash on delivery) - ONLY in POLAND
  • Courier shipment (after payment in advcance)
  • Courier shipment (cash on delivery)

Sterling silver Ag 925

Nickel-free, skin-friendly

Free shipping on orders over 57 $

30 days to return

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