Romantic Collection
Celebrate every moment with personal jewelry

Romanticism has many dimensions. We want you to have the opportunity to discover them all. In our collection you will find pearls, resin and organic forms that became the heart of this project. Each „New Romantic” element is jewelry made of high-quality 925 silver. The proposals include various designs of stud earrings, stylish signet rings, chokers and Alcantara bracelets . Choose your favorite pattern, color, material and form. Let GIORRE jewelry accompany you in creating magical moments and highlighting the beauty that is in you and around you.

Black heart necklace

Love Yourself First!

Self-love is the foundation on which we build relationships with others. Remember that you are the most important person in your life! It is from self-love that all other types of love, passions and our dreams are shaped. When looking for inspiration in life, it is worth surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects that remind us of our value and strength. Jewelry is not just an accessory. It is a symbol of individuality and a daily reminder of the values we assign to ourselves. „New Romantic” is a collection that will add a touch of romance to your everyday life.

New Romantic video Play
New Romantic video Play

„New Romantic” collection is a celebration of self-love. It is a harmonious combination of classic and modern, aimed at emphasizing the beauty and individuality of each of you.

Express your love for yourself with heart jewelry

The heart as a symbol of feelings remains one of the most beautiful signs of self-care and self-love. In our collection we present these jewelry motifs in a modern version. You will discover asymmetrical forms filled with resin, charming convex hearts and smooth, shiny patterns. The heart has become an interesting decoration of the line of women's signet rings - their discreet accent and the main decorative element. Various shapes and colors of hearts appear in fashionable pendants combined with diamond chains, creating wonderful necklaces with a unique shine. Mix, match or wear them on their own! Jewelry with hearts from the „New Romantic” collection is your dream personal jewelry that you can wear on many special occasions. It's a classic that never goes out of fashion.

Women's signet ring
Elegant silver jewelry

Get inspired by 90s style jewelry

Take a sentimental journey with us and discover unique accents that perfectly reflect the spirit of the popular decade. These are chokers, necklaces and bracelets made of black Alcantara finished with silver clasps and pendants made of this precious metal. What draws attention in this composition is the contrast of colors - black with silver or gold. Both colors are classic combinations that perfectly harmonize with each other. Just like the combination of the texture of Alcantara with the shine of silver, the value of which is highlighted by small carvings and curved lines decorating decorative pendants in geometric shapes, flower and heart shapes. The dot above is resin in the contrast of black and white.

Party earrings

Romantic time travel – vintage jewelry

If you love the retro atmosphere, be sure to check out the patterns from the „New Romantic” collection! Inspired by this style, we want to show that classics can surprise. Despite changing trends, its timeless charm lasts for years.

Just like femininity, taking care of your image and appearance is part of the broadly understood idea of SELF-LOVE. Subtle patterns, delicate decorations and carefully finished details evoke the vintage spirit hidden in pearls, silver, decorative pins and signet rings. This type of jewelry is timeless beauty in great style - elegance combined with an artistic accent. Check which design will become your favorite everyday jewelry.

Pearl earrings
White jewelry
Heart earrings
Stiff bracelet
Semi-circle earrings
Hoop bracelet