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Traveller's jewellery – a representation of multicultural values

Every long journey is a challenge, not only logistic, but also emotional and cultural. They are constantly tempting to visit the remotest corners of the world, that appeal me with their diversity and variety, in their every aspect: culinary, customary or linguistic. It stimulates imagination and makes you dream of even more escapades? Perhaps you enjoy unplanned backpacking trips or you prefer to rest in comfortable bungalows among palm trees located by the ocean? Whichever option speaks louder to you, in Mexico you will find everything you are looking for.

This place its captivating flora, rich fauna, culinary feasts, out-going people, beautiful sunshine and extraordinary cultural wealth. Mexicans are cheerful, extraverted, optimistic. To such an extent that they even made a seemingly dark skull a symbol of joy and rebirth. What's more, they prove that there are endless possibilities of decorating sugar skulls. They use flowers, jewellery and fabulous colours, and make each composition unique. Inspired by this tradition, in which there are included amazing stories, we have prepared for You Mexican sugar skull collection. It is a symbol of extraordinary cultural diversity and of joy that communing with other people gives, no matter how different our roots and faith would be.

Symbolism of the Mexican skull

The name itself sounds like an oxymoron. Can there be anything positive or sweet about this grim symbol? Mexicans made it become a small masterpiece. They adorn it in thousands of ways to make it lose its gloomy character and gain a new serene face. Contemporary culture has completely supplanted the religious and symbolic aspects of the sugar skull. Today, we do not associate it with the worship of the dead, but rather with carnival and thus more familiar to us – the autumn festival of the dead and the famous cinco de mayo. Today, the sugar skull adorns accessories, clothing, paintings, and even, or perhaps above all, our bodies in the form of tattoos. It has hit the catwalks, streetwear and pop culture and looks like it has settled down for good. It seems that due to his perverse nature it will stay with us for longer. Sugar skull jewellery is a new must-have for anyone who enjoys playing with fashion and is not afraid to experiment with it. It is noticeable and distinctive, although unlike traditional scary skulls, it does not refer to blackness, sadness or the darker side of our personalities. Jewellery with a sugar skull is a manifestation of not treating yourself too seriously and of openness to fashion with a grain of salt.

Let traveller's jewellery complement your collection of accessories. Let it be one of the more expressive accents in it. The perfect complement to bold outfits, among which the sugar skull will not only not blend in, but rather shine even more. It is definitely one of the most explicit elements of the entire collection and offers a strong contrast to other subtle elements of the collection. This does not mean, however, that those of you who are rather petite or shy should be afraid of such fashion experiment that jewellery with a sugar skull is. It is far from emphatic studs, large wheels hanging from ears or thick bracelets that a member of a motorcycle gang or a representative of punk culture would not be ashamed of wearing. This is the light version for those who like expressive accesories with strongly suggestive symbols or the hard version for those who like barely visible pins and modest pendants on thin chains.

What makes the sugar skull unique?

Jewellery with a sugar skull was made with great attention to detail. The openwork figure on a solid chain is a unique combination of femininity and strength. The sugar skull pendant out from the distance, but it is only when zooming in, that its refined elements, which lack any sort of randomness, appear. The outlines of individual parts of the face create a coherent image of both dangerous and sassy character. The eyes are surrounded by flowers and the forehead is full of lush vegetation, with which the prototype of the necklace was decorated. The outline of the sugar skull has tiny holes that carefully surround an apparently ominous figure.

Created collection, the sugar skull jewellery is an invitation to my world also for those who are looking for history and symbolism in accessories, but at the same time do not want to be labeled. Jewellery with a sugar skull is slightly understated. It allows the owner to determine for himself what it means to them. A joke? A provocation? Or maybe the desire to discover distant cultures? For me it's an experiment that resulted with a beautiful effect.

Sugar Skull Necklace

Not everyone is a fan of tiny symbolic pendants, resting on the collarbones near their neck. Some prefer more expressive and suggestive accessories. If you belong to the second group or you would like to try yourself in a new style, then the sugar skull necklace is a great choice. This extremely refined jewellery can easily be called a masterpiece. Beautiful, referring to Mexican culture, this charm is an inspiration to take up new challenges - in this case related to travelling. Whether it is with your finger on the map, deep into books describing this extraordinary world or on a plane in the real world. Do you love exploring? You are not afraid of jumping into the unknown? You do things first and then you think about the consequence? You're not scared by expressive symbols? This necklace is for you. Take it with you and expect the unexpected Courage has no sex, it is something you are born with and something that you cherish. Give yourself a beautiful gift in the form of a unique collection and get inspired to take up more challenges.

We believe you will also have the courage to discover the unknown and will always carry the traveller's necklace with you so that it reminds you of your exotic trips – whichever corner of the world you choose.

Sugar Skull Earrings

Beautiful earrings with a skull are for brave travellers who are not put off by a vision of a jump into the unknown, even to a distant continent. If your passion for discovering always wins with your reason, and something always keep on pushing you forward, it means that you and the sugar skull earrings will create a unique duo. The remarkable symbol of the Mexican sugar skull will make it impossible for you to go unnoticed and will make you become the center of attention. It is difficult to pass by indifferent to the expressive sparkling skull earrings in the sun. Their carefully designed form is even an invitation to approach someone and ask to look closely at every detail of this unique jewellery. Earrings with skulls can make your outfit more original and exotic. They can also give you strength and can be a sign to others that they are dealing with a beautiful brave woman who does not avoid challenges. These related to travelling, but not only. Every day we face many obstacles in almost every area of life. Get strength from beautiful jewellery.

Sugar Skull Ring

Women's hands are a masterpiece, not only the greatest artists have known about it for centuries. You take care of them and choose cosmetics with the greatest attention. After such rituals, only the unique jewellery is missing for the full effect. Risk to do it in a more expressive with the skull from the collection. A sugar skull ring is unique. This is an extremely refined openwork image of an exotic Mexican symbol, inspired by ancient pagan beliefs. Combines contrasts. On the one hand, it is far from being a subtle accent, on the other, it surprises with refined details. The sugar skull ring is perfect in every way. What does a sugar skull ring say about its owner? Thirsty for challenges, brave, curious of the world. Maybe it will inspire you to take a trip to the new world? Travel not only educates, but also allows us to test ourselves and get to know ourselves better. Don't be afraid of challenges and you will surprise yourself in multiple ways. I wish you many inspiring trips.