Necklace - Tree, silver 925






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Technical data





Metal: Sterling silver (nickel free)


  • height: ~2,8 cm
  • width: ~2,5 cm
  • thickness: 0,80 mm

Chain length: 45 + 5 cm

The world map tree necklace is one of the most pleasant and most beautiful ways to make the world a better place. By purchasing this necklace, you contribute to caring for our common good. I decided to donate part of the earnings to help the natural environment. Let nature have a voice. 

Each purchased necklace translates to one young tree planted in Poland.

Together with you I would like to make our surroundings greener, air healthier and vast and dense forests better shelter for animals. Together we can work wonders. Let the purchase of a world map tree from my T°ra'vel'' collection be an excuse to get involved in the fight for what matters most. Let's take care of the Earth so that next generations can also enjoy its beauty.

If, like me, you are impressed by the beauty of the world map tree necklace then join my campaign of planting trees with T°ra'vel''. I look forward to your commitment, because I believe that together we will write the most possible optimistic scenario for our national natural wealth. Thank you for your commitment.

We are aware that by choosing the jewellery that has captivated you, you would wish to preserve its beauty forever. Therefore, our priority at GIORRE is to provide the highest quality products that will be your every day accessories.

GIORRE jewellery is created on own designs, inspired and based on Polish tradition and jewellery art, made of the highest-quality precious metals used in jewelry business: silver 925 and 585 gold, accompanied or decorated with pearls and crystals, confirmed by a certificate of authenticity - because jewelries that express your feelings and commemorate unique moments, deserve a special warranty.

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We offer free shiping for each order with a value of min.: 28 $.

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Sterling silver Ag 925

Nickel-free, skin-friendly

Free shipping on orders over 28 $

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