Barcelet - Mountains, Silver 925






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Technical data





Metal: Sterling silver (nickel free)


  • height: ~2,2 cm
  • width: ~1,9 cm
  • thickness: 0,80 mm

Bracelet length: ~18 + 3 cm

This small triangle depicting mountains on a subtle chain around your wrist can mislead an inattentive observer. Delicate, non-humble, seemingly impermanent. It may seem that this imperceptible accessory will disappear in contrast with the expressive rest of modern styling. However, nothing could be more wrong. Just look at this remarkable accessory and notice the extremely refined details: the outlines of the mountains, and raw sharp peaks on them. In fact, the conqueror's bracelet with the image of the mountains is a very meaningful message for your surroundings.

The mountain bracelet is a manifestation of courage and desire to conquer. Both on the trails and in everyday life. This is a sign that you are not afraid and will not rest until you reach your objectives. You always have goals so enormous to be able to see them from afar and even from the deepest valley. You are not afraid to dream. Like Marcelina, you are looking for something that seems unattainable to others just to prove that the impossible does not exist.

The conqueror’s bracelet shows that you do not need loud and literal manifestations to show to the world your inner strength. Subtlety and beauty are great powers – just look at Marcelina. It is hard to find another woman of such immense strength, who cannot be overshadowed by even such phenomenal beauty. The mountain bracelet beautifully reflects this unique combination of beauty and power.

We are aware that by choosing the jewellery that has captivated you, you would wish to preserve its beauty forever. Therefore, our priority at GIORRE is to provide the highest quality products that will be your every day accessories.

GIORRE jewellery is created on own designs, inspired and based on Polish tradition and jewellery art, made of the highest-quality precious metals used in jewelry business: silver 925 and 585 gold, accompanied or decorated with pearls and crystals, confirmed by a certificate of authenticity - because jewelries that express your feelings and commemorate unique moments, deserve a special warranty.

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Sterling silver Ag 925

Nickel-free, skin-friendly

Free shipping on orders over 28 $

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