In the interests of the health of employees and customers, we have introduced the following procedures:

  • Employees able to perform duties out of the company, were asked to work from home.
  • We have introduced the obligatory disinfection of employees, whose work places are associated with being on the company's premises - they are going through this process twice before entering the production rooms.
  • We reorganized the production system in such a way, that employees of various departments do not have direct contact with each other. Employees of individual departments perform duties while maintaining a safe distance.
  • According to current recommendations, all goods are disinfected by our qualified personnel, before they reach our company.
  • Since the announcement of the pandemic, no outsiders can enter our company.
  • All of our production takes place in Poland, thanks to which we are sure about the quality of sterility of our products and security of supply.

Current security standards will apply until further notice.

GIORRE would like to thank everyone for the support. It is a difficult time for all of us, so let's survive it together and take care of each other. We also hope, that in the current situation we will continue to be a source of unity and optimism for you.

We support the fight against coronavirus

We would like to thank to all the services, that remain at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus at this difficult time. Thank you to all medical staff, police, fire brigade and city guards, sanitary services and all those, who care about our health and safety with their daily work for their courage, care, professionalism and unflagging enthusiasm.

The difficult situation in which hospitals, as well as other medical and care facilities found themselves in the whole country, whose scale of needs is constantly growing, requires real support. We want to help in the fight against coronavirus, which is why we decided to purchase professional protective masks and hand them over to the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Rzeszów, whose employees, like doctors, nurses and paramedics, tirelessly fight for the safety of all of us by conducting extremely important tests on the presence of COVID-19 virus, thereby diagnosing infected persons.

The provided resources are hypoallergenic, three-layer disposable masks with the European CE certificate - the outer layers of the masks are made of antibacterial material, while the layer inside is a very effective filtering base. This support will increase the safety of employees, who provide selfless help every day and their families, and thus support activities aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Our support is also directed to employees and children of care facilities as part of the #DomyDzieckaBezWirusa campaign, run by the Pro-Fil Foundation for Social Psychoprophylaxis, directed to 60 orphanages throughout Poland, which in this unprecedented situation also needs protection in the form of personal protective equipment.

All supplies in the form of masks, disposable gloves and antibacterial liquid, will provide the necessary protection for both, carers of the facilities and children, who in the current situation need a sense of security and emotional support more than ever.

We believe that thanks to solidarity and joint responsibility, we are able to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. We are well aware of the huge needs of all sectors, that care about the health and safety of all of us, as well as the need to protect them completely against the virus. We also hope that our joint effort will contribute to resolving the threat as soon as possible.


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